100% pain-free or money back!


How Does the Hetch Belt Work?

Just strap the belt on and press the on button for instant back pain relief.

The Hatch belt uses a combination of 3 therapies you can turn on or off with a simple tap

Thermotherapy: Heat therapy helps losen muscles and soothe pain

Massage Therapy: Soft tissue massage increases circulation and helps delliver nutrients for healing.

How Long Does the Battery Last?

Using max settings, the Hetch Belt delivers releif for up to 70 minutes.

Using light settings the belt will deliver releif for up to 160 minutes!

The average session lasts about 20 minutes, so you will have to charge the belt every 3-6 uses.

Is It Gauranteed to Work?

Using a combination of 3 proven therapies, we gaurantee the Hetch Belt will deliver the best back pain releif you've ever experienced.

If for some reason you don't absolutely love the Hetch Belt, return it within 30 days for a 100% refund.

Is It Covered By Insurance

Unfortantely our belt is classified under alternative treatements for most conditions.

This means the Hetch Belt is not currently covered by insurance.

How Fast Does It Work?

All back pain is not created equal...

This means some may find some releif from a pinched nerve or muscle pain within just 1-2 uses!

For chronic conditions such as sciatica or disc concerns, customers report pain and mobility improvments after 2-4 weeks of consistant use.

How Long Does Shipping Take?

The Hetch Belt is currently in high demand, but we are working around the clock to get orders delivered on time.

Current S&H estimates:

Handling Time: 3-4 days.

Shipiping Time: 5-7 days.